This is such a great service. Mindy’s knowledge of food and how to use it to balance and heal the body is amazing. She is so easy to work with and talk to. Thanks, Mindy, for all of the wonderful information. I’m grateful for the changes I’ve made. Julie S.

Mindy is an amazing person and a concerned listener. She has been extremely helpful in sorting through my nutritional supplement needs as well as helping me relieve some major GI issues. She prescribed an individualized diet and supplement program that has be very healing. Vicki M.

I appreciate that Mindy takes a holistic approach to nutrition, health and well-being. Her primary concern is for feeling well rather than overly emphasizing external “looks focused” or “numbers on a scale” tactics that are not sustainable long term. Her approach is realistic and relatable. I highly recommend Mindy to anyone seeking professional nutritional advice. Jane R.

Mindy is excellent! She listens so well to my concerns, researched special circumstances thoroughly and structured my nutritional needs to be tailor made to me. Her recipes are wonderful! Plus she is just a genuinely lovely person! Jill B.

Chasing after three young boys is exhausting and I found myself drinking loads of coffee to keep up. Every day I felt completely depleted and exhausted. I needed a change. After listening to my concerns, Mindy developed a meal plan with healthy/yummy meals and snacks that fit easily into my current lifestyle. Mindy also helped me take a different approach to meal preparation; I no longer frantically race around the kitchen trying to pull dinner together. Now that I’m fueling my body with good food my energy level has improved greatly. Instead of turning on the coffee maker at 3 pm, I eat celery sticks with nut butter or a protein shake with fresh greens and fruit! Brandy W.

Mindy’s knowledge, support methods & her belief in your potential; truly help in whatever you need on your journey to succeed in being a healthier, happier you through nutrition & well-being practices. Jill W.

Mindy listens very well. She is a superb counselor and teacher. She focuses on the specific individual and never dishes out textbook pablum we’ve all heard a thousand times before. Mindy intelligently probes to discover the real hang ups and motivations behind our behaviors, and is very good at reinforcing what we’re doing well and need to do more. Working with Mindy helped me become very aware of the need to keep moving, especially as I grow older and my body wants to slow down and move much too little. I now regularly get in more than 10,000 steps a day. I bought a stand-up desk for my computer and learned I like leaping up from my chair regularly to do my emails and writing. I wear a Fitbit that tallies my daily steps. I eagerly add 3 or 4 short walks to each day. I now swim 3 times a week minimum. Awareness. Movement. These count the most…for me. Yes, food matters. But it’s not everything. Mindy has helped me became conscious of the TWO KEYS to my personal health and weight management: Be aware. And MOVE. Susan J.

When I met with Mindy she immediately understood my challenges and goals. Together we were successfully able to quickly do testing and to come up with solutions that I could work with. She is very easy to communicate with, very perceptive of the issues at hand and doesn’t waste your time. She is very knowledgeable and efficient. She armed me with enough information so that I could go forth and administer to my own health care and wellness program. Gloria D.

I have been searching for many years for the right nutritionist, and I finally found Mindy. I am so grateful to her for the help and knowledge she has given to me. I recommend her without reservation. Thank you, Mindy, for my continued success. Marlene S.

I am so inspired every time I meet with Mindy! She is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas of nutrition and wellness, and she is able to hone in on the things that will not only work within the current parameters of my lifestyle (time, budget, other limitations, etc.), but also things that will quickly help improve the things that I have prioritized. Mindy is refreshingly authentic and approachable, and will meet you wherever you are at in your health journey. I always find her “big picture” approach to be so helpful when determining my goals and evaluating my progress. Amy M.

Before getting nutritional advice on a regular basis, I was working out but not losing weight nor was I anywhere close to being as heathy or well-informed as I am now. Mindy’s help has been extremely important in this process. Mindy’s extensive knowledge, her caring and thoughtful way of providing information and advice, make her one of the best people in the nutrition area in my opinion. Nick M.

Ready to learn more?

To ensure that nutrition therapy is the next best step for you, please let me know how to reach you.

What is it?  A foundational wellness course to achieve your highest health potential

Date: Sunday, October 21st

Time: 9am-12pm

Location: Namaste Healing & Meditation, 1260 Bergen Pkwy #210, Evergreen, CO 80439

Your Hosts:  Mindy Pellegrino and Katherine Sumner


  • Have you fallen into a wellness rut, repeating patterns and behaviors that aren’t working?
  • Do you feel disconnected or out of touch with your best Self?
  • When thinking about your health are your thoughts often negative, sabotaging, or hopeless?

Then this course if for you!

In this introductory, three hour session as part of our Soul Nutrition Series, we will dive into the heart-centered aspects of what it takes to trust in yourself, gain clarity, and feel empowered.  


We will teach you key ingredients of our Soul Nutrition Formula:

  • See It

    Bring awareness to your thoughts and desires allowing positive change to take hold.

  • Own It

    Recognize and take responsibility for yourself and your happiness. 

  • Feel It

    Allow your feelings to be energy for change.

What is Soul Nutrition?


The act of nourishing, processing and assimilating our non-physical human attributes like thoughts, feeling and will for the purpose of empowering, growing and achieving one’s highest health potential.

It’s all in you.


We invite you to join us in this education and interactive-based course to feed your soul and ignite your personal power.

 Register at or call 720 458 5282

 Investment: $149

 Details:  The morning will incorporate learning, gentle movement, meditation, engaging activities and a supportive environment.  Please wear comfortable clothing.  We will provide workbooks, yoga mats, light snacks & herbal tea.

See you there!

~ Mindy and Katherine