Hi! I’m Mindy.

I’m a nutrition therapist and health coach whose personal passion and professional mission is to help others reclaim health and balance in their lives using an individualized, holistic approach that empowers and heals. Through the years, I have witnessed the frustration and discourse that can come from our broken healthcare system. Clients often come to me looking for an alternative to going on yet another medication. They are looking for safe, natural recommendations and support they aren’t finding at their doctor’s office.

My therapeutic approach to nutrition and health coaching is what sets me apart. I make it a priority to learn and understand each client’s unique story and concerns. There is always connection before recommendations. After all, how can I support you best if I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know you?

As a child, I was taught to honor and appreciate the uniqueness of each person I met. My father owned a service station for 35 years (an old fashioned business model now) and was known in our small Iowa town for his generosity: he donated gas to those who couldn’t afford it, employed eager-to-learn high school kids and taught them how to service cars and pump gas; and always had time for a cup of coffee with a customer. In fact, both of my parents put people first in their lives and through them I learned the importance of connections, conversation and friendship from a very early age.

This is why I value the partnerships I create with my clients. Each health journey is unique and it takes a very special approach to meet people where they’re at, uncover their personal health story and artfully employ effective recommendations that work.

Through listening deeply to my clients, I can often identify patterns and habits that are contributors to chronic symptoms and illness. It’s always an honor and a gift to be welcomed onto someone’s health team.

About Mindy Pellegrino

Mindy Pellegrino is a certified Master Nutrition Therapist who believes that real food and the nutrients within these foods can be our very best medicine.

Mindy has been deeply seeded in the therapeutic wellness industry for over a decade. Personally, she has struggled with ongoing digestive issues since childhood and it wasn’t until her extensive training at the Nutrition Therapy Institute that she began to connect the dots between her physiology, lifestyle habits and the food she ate. Fortunately, this information came at the right time and she was able to turn down the pharmaceutical band aid medications the doctors were offering and instead, utilize the healing power of food and lifestyle modifications to successfully (and finally!) rebalance and heal her gut.

Mindy began partnering with clients to address their unique health challenges in 2014. Her practice continues to grow as she effectively fills the ‘gap’ between the doctor/patient relationship by using a compassion-based therapeutic model of care. Her personal and professional mission is to help each beautiful and unique person achieve the level of health they desire using an individualized, holistic approach that empowers and heals.

Mindy’s credentials include:

  • Master Nutrition Therapy certification from the Nutrition Therapy Institute
  • Reiki Master
  • Certification in Donna Eden Energy Medicine
  • Master of Arts from the University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Iowa State University

When not partnering with clients, you can find Mindy with her husband, two teenage kids, and dog, Elwood, enjoying the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains or curling up with a good book or podcast.

Interested in learning more? Let me know how to reach you by clicking here.


Ready to learn more?

To ensure that nutrition therapy is the next best step for you, please let me know how to reach you.

What is it?  A foundational wellness course to achieve your highest health potential

Date: Sunday, October 21st

Time: 9am-12pm

Location: Namaste Healing & Meditation, 1260 Bergen Pkwy #210, Evergreen, CO 80439

Your Hosts:  Mindy Pellegrino and Katherine Sumner


  • Have you fallen into a wellness rut, repeating patterns and behaviors that aren’t working?
  • Do you feel disconnected or out of touch with your best Self?
  • When thinking about your health are your thoughts often negative, sabotaging, or hopeless?

Then this course if for you!

In this introductory, three hour session as part of our Soul Nutrition Series, we will dive into the heart-centered aspects of what it takes to trust in yourself, gain clarity, and feel empowered.  


We will teach you key ingredients of our Soul Nutrition Formula:

  • See It

    Bring awareness to your thoughts and desires allowing positive change to take hold.

  • Own It

    Recognize and take responsibility for yourself and your happiness. 

  • Feel It

    Allow your feelings to be energy for change.

What is Soul Nutrition?


The act of nourishing, processing and assimilating our non-physical human attributes like thoughts, feeling and will for the purpose of empowering, growing and achieving one’s highest health potential.

It’s all in you.


We invite you to join us in this education and interactive-based course to feed your soul and ignite your personal power.

 Register at www.namastehealing.com/workshop/ or call 720 458 5282

 Investment: $149

 Details:  The morning will incorporate learning, gentle movement, meditation, engaging activities and a supportive environment.  Please wear comfortable clothing.  We will provide workbooks, yoga mats, light snacks & herbal tea.

See you there!

~ Mindy and Katherine